Microblading in Fort Myers

Microblading in Fort Myers

Gone are the days when we had to consider a permanent eyebrow tattoo to free us from the headache of drawing on them every single day. Urban beauty techniques include an array of options like microblading, which is semi-permanent and more natural-looking. Semi-permanent makeup is an easy way to achieve consistent beauty no matter the time of day, or activity, such as swimming.

Permanent makeup in Fort Myers or microblading is a recent beauty trend that creates light and wispy hair strokes to mimic natural hair. It is the most natural-looking eyebrow technique in comparison to alternatives like shading.

Benefits of  Fort Myers microblading

Save time

The perfect microbladed eyebrow should last you 2 to 3 years with minimal maintenance routines. You will save yourself the 20 agonizing minutes every day that you try to match the eyebrows and get the right shade and color. Our microblading techniques retain the shape and color for a lengthy time, so you do not require a repeat procedure in the next year.

Save money
Eyebrow products are expensive for the average working person. We all know that influencers have a fairer rate from beauty brands to advertise the best eyebrow pomades and pencils, which cost the price of your best concealer or foundation. It makes no sense to buy an eyebrow filling product when you could get better results with a procedure of roughly the same price. Fort Myers FL, microblading saves you money from all different kinds of products and allows you to spend your money on beauty products and treatments that matter.

Recover your eyebrows

Some people lose their eyebrows from medical conditions like alopecia or treatments like chemotherapy. Our microblading in Fort Myers will give you the most natural-looking brows to resemble your natural brows. Our technique deposits the lightest hair strokes and matches the color to your natural hairs so no one can tell between the two. It is also a good option if you want long-lasting results that allow your natural hairs to grow out without constant interference with daily eyebrow filling products.

Impressive recovery and results

It would help if you never had to worry about the microblading results turning a strange color like red or orange as they recover or fade. Brazilian Silhouette uses the highest grade of color to impact the color and ensures that your eyebrows retain a natural color throughout.

The best part about our treatment is you can show them off as soon as you leave the salon. There is no need to place bandages or treatments over the treated area because we use a numbing cream to prevent pain and swelling. The professional starts by applying anesthesia on the area and making you as comfortable as possible, so you have nothing to fear about microblading eyebrows in Fort Myers, Florida.

We want you to know that microblading eyebrow makeup is a form of tattoo, which does not irritate or damage the skin. It is an excellent alternative to many eyebrow treatment techniques and one of the easiest to maintain long-term results. Schedule an appointment today to book a session, or call 239-344-9006 for more details.