massage Montgomery County PA

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massage Montgomery County PA

Looking for the best massage in all of Montgomery County PA? Call 215-576-7000 you’re going to love Heaven Spa. If you want to enjoy an amazing spa experience like nothing else in the area, stop by when you’re in the neighborhood. Heaven Spa is just a few short minutes from Montgomery County..

Whatever type of massage you have in mind, you’ll find it at Heaven Spa. If you’re not quite sure what you’re after, come in and speak with a specialist who can direct you to something that will perfectly suit your desires. If you’re a first time visitor to Heaven Spa, don’t worry. You’ll be modestly covered with towels and sheets throughout the massage to ensure you enjoy a very relaxing visit.

Heaven Spa offers the following massage options in their Montgomery County PA facility:

- Looking to relax away everyday muscle tension and work out aches and pains? You’ll enjoy the Therapeutic Swedish Body Massage, a favorite at Heaven Spa. This is a very gentle yet firm massage that is available for 25 minute and 55 minute sessions. If uncertain where to start, this massage will not disappoint.

- Many guests come to Heaven Spa for the Deep Tissue Massage that goes deep into muscles to loosen up knots and work out more serious tension that can build up over time. If it’s been a while since you’ve had a massage, consider giving your muscles a treat with a Deep Tissue Massage.

- Heaven Spa’s Aromatherapy Massage makes the perfect gift for anyone. Both men and women love being treated with Heaven Spa’s unique fusion of massage and aromatic essential oils that serve to calm the entire body, the mind and the spirit.

- The Hot Stone Massage is one that beckons to those who work hard and want to relax intensely. This is a personally fulfilling treatment using heated or cold polished stones to massage muscles and relax in a way no other massage can.

- If you want something more than a one-time experience, consider the Heaven Spa Guided Couple’s Massage that will teach you and your partner the art of massage. You’ll gain skills you’ll share and enjoy in the privacy of your own home. The Guided Couple’s Massage begins by guiding you through a massage of your partner, after which you will receive a massage while your partner observes. The massage finishes with a hands-on massage for two.

- I’m in Heaven Couple’s Massage. Includes a glass of wine while both you and your partner enjoy a full-body massage in the couples room for a long, relaxing 55 minute session.

To see the complete list of massage available in Heaven Spa’s Montgomery County PA facility, please click on the ‘Services’ link on the home page where you’ll see prices on all of the services available. Don’t forget to click on ‘Specials’ to enjoy further savings on your massage. If you have any questions or wish to speak with a specialist from Heaven Spa, please call 215-576-7000.

massage Montgomery County PA
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massage Montgomery County PA
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