Age spots Frederick

Age spots Frederick

Getting Rid Of Age Spots At Frederick

Everyone loves their skin and would love to take care of it. But as you age, and your skin continues receiving damage from the sun due to UV exposure, it can result in age spots that can be treated at Frederick.

Most people are not comfortable at the sight of age spots, so they’re always looking for ways to remove them, improve their skin tone, and rejuvenate facial tone. There are several methods you can use to remove age spots in Frederick from your hands and face. These treatments are extremely hopeful as well as cost effective.

Common Causes of Age Spots

Age spots result from an excess production of melanin. Doctors aren’t a 100% sure why age spots develop, however some of the possible causes they have identified includes;

    Aging Skin Sun Exposure Artificial UV exposure such as a tanning bed.

Age spots usually develop on areas of the body that receive the most amount of sunlight such as your hands, your face, your shoulders, your upper back, your neck and your forearms.

Best Age Spot Treatments

If you’re tired of dealing with your pigmentation issues and you’re looking for a quick fix, then why not remove your age spots at Frederick using these simple treatments.

1.         Cryotherapy

4This is a treatment procedure to fade age spots from your face. The process involves destroying and removing the extra pigments responsible for the dark spots and discoloration. The affected areas are frozen with liquid nitrogen, and as the treatment area heels, the skin lightens. It is a quick procedure with no recovery time. However, it is advised that you go for a proper diagnosis before you begin this treatment.

2.         Laser Therapy

This is one of the fastest and among the best ways to get rid of age spots, brown spots, and red spots. It is particularly suited for those with multiple spots on their face. Laser therapy typically requires multiple sessions before your spots can be completely removed. Although in some cases, only a single treatment is what is required.

The process involves targeting a beam of light on the pigmented spots. The spots then fade as the beam destroys the excess pigmentation causing the age spots.

3.         Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is amongst the best age spot treatments you can find. The process involves getting rid of the outer layer of the skin so that new, healthier and better looking skin can grow in its place. The Dermabrasion process involves sanding away the surface layer of the damaged skin.

4.         Chemical Peels

Another method for getting rid of age spots involves the use of skin peels. Skin peels can make less the appearance of age spots caused by exposure to the sun on your face, hands, and arms. Chemical peels or skin peels dissolves the top layer of skin so that the body can form a new, fresher layer of skin that is smoother, has more color and a better tone. When you finally remove the peel, it removes with it the top layer of the damaged outer skin cells, so all you’re left with is a new layer of smoother, softer skin.


Age spots Frederick
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Age spots Frederick
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